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Experimenting with MOODLE

Explore the features of this learning management system (LMS). In this course, we would show how to create an online course in this LMS, highlighting some of the features along the way. We would explain how to construct a course in which students can access resources, submit assignments, take assessments, join online discussions, and more.

Topics include:

  • Features in LMS
  • Navigating a course
  • Customizing your profile and notification settings
  • Creating a course
  • Adding resources to course sections
  • Customizing the look and layout of your course
  • Adding assignments, quizzes, forums, and surveys
  • Managing course participants
  • Setting up the Moodle gradebook
  • Saving a backup of your course

Instructor : Amar Vir

Credit to : and You Tube.

This is a sample course designed to help users navigate the JNU LMS. This course provides overview of moodle along with features for creating courses and managing activities